Turning Social Media Followers into Clients

Time posted: February 19, 2021 | Posted by: Stella Beerman

Using social media to find new clients is a valuable addition to your business and can make or break your exposure. Here are some KLYP tips for connecting with new clients through social media!
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Improve your following 

Using social media to find new clients is a super beneficial addition to your business, but those clients have to know you exist first! The first thing a new makeup artist should do when trying to grow their business is learn to attract new followers.  

1. Utilize Multiple Platforms  

Having multiple accounts across platforms can not only help you reach more people but also lets you use each platform to your advantage.   

Instagram and Pinterest are great image-based platforms to display the work you offer and your portfolio. On the other hand, a Facebook business account allows you to display your services menu-style with the option to include pricing, run ads, and have clients leave reviews on your page!  


 It’s also super easy to sync your accounts to cross-post the same content on Instagram and Facebook. 

This means your followers on Facebook can see that awesome photo you just posted on Instagram. Instagram content also works well on sites like Pinterest because they’re both image-based platforms.  But you’ll have to repost the pin there yourself. 

 While cross-posting can save you time and reach a wider audience, you should always do it with caution. What works with one platform’s algorithm, might not work as well with another.  


2. Understand your Algorithm  

Once you’ve established what platforms work best for your business, you’ll want to figure out how to get your content seen. The best way to do this is by researching the platform’s algorithms. 

 Algorithms are a platform’s way of sorting the posts you see in your feed to optimize your experience. Most platforms prioritize what they believe the user will meaningfully interact with based on past interactions within the platform.  

 Understanding the algorithms will give you important insights into different factors, like location, time, consistency, and usage to help your posts reach the most people.  

 Algorithms are constantly changing, so staying up to date with the platforms you use is essential to posting successful content. There are a ton of online resources for understanding algorithms, like this short course from Hootsuite.  


Image from @KLYPofficial via Instagram

3. Engage with your Community   

Now that you’ve got your platforms picked out and you understand their algorithms, you need to engage with the people around you!  

 Tagging the makeup brands used in your posts is a great way to start getting noticed by the larger beauty community. You should also be tagging your clients in their photos, posting meaningful captions, and interacting with their content authentically.

People appreciate a little honest humor over perfection most of the time, anyway.  

Other helpful engagements on social media are replying to comments where appropriate and replying to direct messages as soon as possible.  




Turning Followers into Clients 

Having a following on social media is great, but it’s not making you any money. It’s time to turn those loyal followers into clients in your chair for their next special event!  


4. Entice your Followers  

Utilize Instagram reels and social media posts to encourage your followers to try out your business by offering special discounts or giveaways through contests. These contests can encourage your current followers to tag their friends and interact with your content.  

 A common, successful contest tactic used by many businesses includes followers getting their name put in a drawing for a product or discounted service by following your page on multiple social media accounts, answering a question, tagging their friends, or a combination of these interactions.  

Image from e.l.f Cosmetics via Instagram

 This not only gives your followers a chance to try out your service but also gets people talking about your business and interacting with your accounts.  


5. Casually Advertise 

Ever notice how those beautiful influencers rarely ask you out-right to purchase their product? That’s the model you want to follow in your advertisements 

People are tired of seeing online ads, most people regularly use ad-blocking services on their devices just to avoid them. This is why you have to be a little sneakier.  

Rather than telling your followers to book a time with you, simply post about how good you feel with your full face done. This type of advertising feels much more genuine and will help you gain a friendly bond with your followers. 

Image from @jeffreestar via Instagram

The events of 2020 have turned social media platforms into more genuine spaces. This means intimate, down-to-earth captions are fairing better on social media than short, surface-level posts. Living through a pandemic means people are craving genuine human interaction more than ever. Craft your captions with openness and authenticity in mind. You know what your love about your brand and services, so honestly tell your followers about it.  


6. Use User-Generated Content 

Image from @KLYPofficial via Instagram


User-Generated Content, or UGC for short, is content created by your existing clients or followers. People love to see reviews and user testimonials. So, if your clients are posting about how much they love your services, hit that share button!  

Posting this type of content on your platform will make your page more authentic and build trust with your followers. People are more likely to book your service when they see that “real” people are truly enjoying what you have to offer. 

Getting the UGC can be tricky at first. You may want to offer special deals, discounts or host a contest to get your clients talking about you on social media.  

 Once the UGC is created, it’s super simple to share on your main pages. Just be sure to let your clients know you’ll be reposting their content and give credit where it is due!  


7. Make the most out of your Bio  

Your bio is an area typically found towards the top of your profile, just under your name or profile photo. This area is a space to express yourself, your brand, or your business.  

Image from @vladamua via Instagram


 Your bio may seem like an easy thing to look over, but you can actually fill it with valuable information for your current or future clients.  

 Including your location and contact information lets potential clients know if you’re available in their area and how to contact you. 

 One of the most valuable aspects of a bio can be the call-to-action button. You can link this button to your booking services or let your followers ask for a quote. Allowing your followers to interact with your business directly through your page will increase the likelihood of turning those followers into clients.  

If you need help marketing yourself, fear not, because KLYP is a platform that comes with built-in marketing tools. Check out our What Is KLYP? page to learn more.


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