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Time posted: February 4, 2021 | Posted by: Samantha Marin

Taking your Beauty Business mobile means there will be lots of unknowns, so read on to learn about products to take with you in case of emergencies. Never leave a client wishing you had something that you didn't! Grow your Beauty Business with these tips.
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When you take your Beauty Business mobile, there are going to be lots of unknowns. But the golden rule of doing anything risky is to control what you can and not worry too much about the rest, so here’s a list of extra products to take in your vehicle. That way you can minimize the disasters—whether makeup-related or not—and continue beautifying your client!

Band-aids and Neosporin

As a makeup artist, you might not have many sharp tools lying around. But imagine the disaster if you or the bride or model you’re doing makeup on cuts themselves and starts bleeding—white dress, no more! Healthline recommends washing the wound, applying an antibiotic ointment, and then putting the band-aid on. Keep a variety pack with you so you’re ready for any little cuts and scrapes.


Q-Tips can be a life-saver for any makeup smudges or mistakes. Image from MSN.com.

You may already have these in your kit next to the makeup remover wipes, but if not you should seriously consider buying some now. Q-Tips are great for touching up any small makeup smudges or smoothing over imperfections. Even though you’re a pro, you don’t know how good at staying still your client is. A squirm or ill-timed-blink can send eyeliner wiggling. Don’t worry: your Q-Tips are ready.

Bye Bye Undereye Cream from Sephora.

De-Puffing Eye Cream

Sometimes the regular arsenal of foundation with concealer on top won’t do the trick for the more difficult undereye circles. Keep some depuffing eye cream in your backup bag to ensure your client is looking their best. Don’t forget to ask your client about any negative reactions to products! Bye Bye Undereye Brightening Eye Cream from Sephora is a great option. Here’s a list of choices at a variety of prices.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose Color Soundlink II is a portable, waterproof bluetooth speaker selling for between $100 and $130. Image from Bose.

The organizer of the event likely has the perfect playlist picked out already, but a small photoshoot or a pre-wedding-day makeup test run isn’t as curated. Bringing a speaker to play some music can really set the tone for the day and put your client in a great mood. Offer for them to take the aux so they can put their personal stamp on the day, but have your own pre-made playlist ready to go, too. Even if they don’t want to listen to music, they’ll remember how prepared you were when it comes time for them to tip. Not all speakers are hundreds of dollars—check out these options up and down the spectrum.

Japonesque Coconut Solid Brush Cleanser from Walgreens.

Brush Cleanser

You might already have a routine of cleaning your brushes at the end of appointments, but having a small bottle of brush cleaner is a great idea for getting any extra residue off or cleaning little spills. Every major beauty brand has their own iteration of brush cleanser, so you’re not without options! For something that isn’t messy, try this solid brush cleanser.

Hand Sanitizer

Clark’s hand sanitizer smells like cucumber melon. The bottle’s cute, too! Image from CNN Underscored.

2020 vibes, right? Even when a pandemic isn’t altering our daily lives, there is something to be said for having clean hands. Since you’ll be putting your hands on and near your client’s face, make sure they’re squeaky clean. Extra points for great smelling sanitizer that doesn’t bring back memories of nights at the bar. Here’s a list of hand sanitizers that work and smell good.

Cape or Body Drape

If you love using powdery products and your client doesn’t want to get their clothes covered in blush, it might be a good idea to bring some kind of salon-style cape in your backup bag. Most brides and models won’t have their full outfit on until after the makeup is done, but newbies to professional makeup artistry might not know the routine like you do. You can get a cape for less than ten dollars!


This one hopefully goes without saying. Bring some mints so your breath smells fresh. Even offer your client one—they’ll appreciate the small gesture. Avoid chewing gum loudly close to your client’s face. That could reflect badly on you when it comes time to write the review. Here are some of the best mints out there for bad breath.

Offering your client perfume after the appointment can make a big difference for when it’s time to tip. Image from Sephora.


This is an extra touch that can make your client feel special. Bring a scent or two along with you so you can ask your client if they’d like a spray right after the makeup is done. This little detail will help your client feel more beautiful and confident, and their review of you will show it.

 Lint Roller

After an appointment, you’re no doubtedly going to need a way to clean up yourself and the client. With a hand held lint roller, you can tidy up outfits and really show your client you care about them and their appearance! Whether they’re just going back home or to an interview, the client will sure love to feel clean and confident whatever the occasion.

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