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Time posted: February 10, 2021 | Posted by: Maura Jenkins

Spring weddings are just around the corner, and if you're a bridal makeup artist or hair stylist, you're probably already busy prepping! Check out these trends so you can ace those spring wedding appointments.
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2020 has been the year of putting things on hold. Weddings, like all other large events, fell victim to this. It’s estimated that more than half of all couples who planned to get married this past year had to either cancel or postpone their big celebration. That means 2021 is projected to be a huge year for the wedding industry. In addition to those who had to postpone, the large amount of people who had a pandemic engagement are planning out their big days for next year as well.

Simplicity is key for 2021 Bridal trends, by Savanah Norman. Via @savanahnormanmua on Instagram.

After spending the majority of the year in sweatpants and messy buns, wedding trends are projected to look different this year. Bridal styles are predicted to be more down-to-earth and a little less flashy in the new year. In order to boost your bridal beauty business, follow these trends to make every bride feel confident on her special day.


The owner or My Beauty Crew, Anne Zimmerman, has a knack for wedding makeup. Zimmerman spoke on her thoughts for 2021 wedding beauty and believes that the makeup trend will “be taking us back to basics.” 2020’s beauty trends had a strong emphasis on self-care; whether that be skincare, hair treatments, or embracing your natural nails, women focused on their natural beauty and now they’re ready to show it off.

All luminous! by Savanah Norman. Via @savanahnormanmua on Instagram.

Be on the lookout for luminous skin with a dewy finish, cream blush, and liquid highlighters. Anything that can enhance the bride’s natural glow will be very popular in the next year. Eyes will be a standout, with the focus on bringing light around them. Create looks with smoky neutral tones, earthy colors, and light pink hues.

Matte lipstick is a thing of the past. Lip gloss is all the rage with shades of pink and coral as the most popular. Hydrated makeup looks are projected to be in style, so make sure you perfect that look before wedding season is upon us again.

Stock up on brightening pens, highlighter, glowing lip gloss, glow drops, cream blush, and skin gloss. This is going to be a fun spring full of glitter, gloss, and glow.


Wedding hairstyles are also predicted to be more natural in the coming year. In 2021, less is more. Loose waves, pulled braids, and hair that will keep the bride feeling comfortable all day will be all over instagram.

Say goodbye to tight curls and hello to loose waves. This is a great base hair style because it looks flattering on various lengths of hair. Waves can even make thinner or shorter hair look thicker and more voluminous. Since they create a more relaxed look, waves open the door for hair accessories. Headbands, barrettes, and veils look stunning atop a head of flowing waves.

A glowy makeup look with the focus on the eyes pairs well with a whimsical headband, by Savanah Norman. Via @savanahnormanmua on Instagram.

If your client prefers to have their hair pulled up, consider braids or pigtails. These looks will make your bride stand out without being too intimidating of a hairstyle. Bubble pigtails, herringbone braids, or even a braided headband will be the trendiest updos for 2021 brides.

Wedding season is coming soon and it’s going to be busier than ever. Pay close attention to trends that develop over the next few months to make sure you are prepared to get to work! And don’t forget to use your KLYP profile page to showcase the trendy makeup looks and hairstyles you provide so clients are confident in your work when booking with you.


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