Keep the Money You Earn: Let’s Talk Payment Security

Time posted: November 20, 2020 | Posted by: Gabriela Paiva

Payment Security is something that could make or break your business. Online payments raise a lot of security questions, and for your solo Beauty Business, this can be detrimental. With the KLYP App, you'll be sure that you and your clients' money is safe with Stripe.
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Online payments raise a lot of security questions, and for your solo Beauty Business, this can be detrimental. With the KLYP App, you’ll be sure that you and your clients’ money is safe with Stripe. Join companies like Google, Lyft and Shopify who all trust Stripe for their online and in-app payments.

Why is Payment Security So Important?

Payment Security is something that could make or break your business. Imagine spending years building your brand, just to lose all your credibility overnight thanks to a glitch in the system.

In order to ensure the peace of mind of your customers as well as increasing their faith in your services, the ability to guarantee secure payments is pivotal for the survival of small businesses. In this day and age, there are so many phishing tactics used by third party sites and users in order to steal sensitive information about your client and your own business. This is extremely detrimental and can set your business back and you may have to completely start over. Many small businesses do not have the proper security measures that large entities have. Security is not the primary focus for small businesses and that needs to change.

Choosing which online payment platform to use might establish the future of your company. That is why it’s important to do sufficient research and to see which platform can ensure more safety. We’ve done the research, and here’s why Stripe is best for your solo beauty business!


Stripe’s software and APIs ensure that all KLYPISTS and clients are safe when sending money. Stripe allows for web developers to integrate payment processing into websites and mobile applications.

Stripe has the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use API’s which work towards making the process of payment easier and more reliable. Stripe’s main goal is to provide economic infrastructure for the internet.

When building KLYP, we wanted to make sure we were investing in something we trusted and believed in. For Beauty Service Professionals, it is important that each payment they receive is easy and instant. Stripe works with small and large businesses.

Stripe is working to make global commerce secure enough to happen mostly online. However, only three percent of all global commerce occurs online today. By creating secure APIs and software, Stripe can help more small businesses interact through a virtual infrastructure which is very secure and will not be susceptible to fraud.

What Stripe Does

Stripe will help with managing revenue, preventing fraud, and expanding internationally.

  • Beat fraud
  • Send invoices
  • Issue cards

How Stripe Can Save You From Major Security Headaches

Stripe’s teams are based in dozens of offices around the world which makes them a trustworthy company not only for KLYP but for many other companies. Stripe processes hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Their client base goes from startups to Fortune 500s. Stripe provides a voice for small businesses because they are granted the same opportunities and services as large companies who have a lot more money to spend on security measures. Stripe keeps all businesses secure and not one company is left behind.

This is probably not news for you seeing as 90% of US adults have bought from businesses using Stripe whether they’re aware or not.

KLYP and Stripe

By using KLYP and Stripe, small business owners like Beauty Service Professionals are able to have a peace of mind knowing that their payments will be secure and not having to worry about losing out on their money. Stripe will take the stress off of worrying about payment security not being secure enough just based on the fact of all the different companies that Stripe represents and provides services to.

KLYP and Stripe work together to ensure that you have all the time you need to focus on your business and on growing your client base.

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