How to Avoid That Awkward Conversation With Your Stylist

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Communication with your hairstylist is key to having a great experience when you go in for your huge-hair-chop appointment. While looking at salon reviews and portfolios can give you an idea of how the salon as a whole is run, getting that individual attention is important to avoiding an awkward hair reveal in the mirror. It's important to establish a relationship with an individual stylist so they know what your expectations are, but the question is, how? Book with a KLYPIST today. Their reviews and portfolio are easy to find on the KLYP app and you can add photos and notes on how exactly you want your hair done.
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At some point you’ve sat down in a chair and stared awkwardly at your reflection as your hairstylist cuts your hair. You realize you absolutely hate the cut, but feel like you can’t do anything about it. It’s already too late. Too much hair has already been lost or colored. The stylist enthusiastically asks if you like it, and you nod tightly and give a forced smile. You find the words, “I love it!” and feel the dread of having a hairstyle you hate for the next few weeks. You swear to yourself that it will never happen again. 

We’ve all been there, perhaps even more than once. A good relationship with your hairstylist is arguably one of the most important to build. It’s an intimate and trusting one, where you give another person the power to change the way you look. At KLYP, we’ve formulated the perfect way to avoid ever having that awkward experience again.

Set Expectations

It can take some time to reach your desired hair color or cut. Thankfully, the KLYP app makes it easy for you and your KLYPIST to establish expectations before the appointment. Be clear and upfront about what you expect when you schedule your appointment under “Appointment Notes”. You can even add pictures so your KLYPIST knows exactly what to expect and how to prepare beforehand. Don’t be afraid to comment and ask questions during your appointment; your KLYPIST wants you to look and feel your best, and they can’t do that without your honest input. 

Do Your Research 

Ask yourself: “Is this the right stylist for me and my hair type?” Nobody knows your hair better than you do. Identifying who has experience with your hair type is important. For example, if you have naturally curly hair, you want to find a stylist with specialized experience with that hair type so it doesn’t turn out uneven. Avoid another bad experience by doing your research. With KLYP, you can view KLYPIST portfolios and customer reviews to find what works best for you. You can also search by hair type, specialty, location, or price so you know exactly what you’re getting upfront. If you still have questions, tap the “Message” button to chat directly with the KLYPIST so you know if they’re the best fit for you.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate 

Communication is key. That sounds pretty obvious, but it can feel particularly difficult when you’re seated with wet hair dripping, two feet above the ground, not wanting to rock the boat. Your opinion is important. You are in control.  Let your KLYPIST know right away if something doesn’t look or feel right. Don’t wait until the end of your appointment! Tell your KLYPIST how you like your hair and express your concerns, worries, and hopes for the appointment. As much as we might wish they could be, stylists aren’t mind readers. They won’t know that you don’t like the way they’re cutting, coloring, or styling your hair. However, we added a unique feature to the KLYP app to facilitate some of the conversation for you. When you give feedback on what you do or don’t like, KLYPISTS can add those notes to your profile so any future KLYPISTS working with you can know your preferences beforehand. They can add any allergies to certain products, type of preferred cut, or notes about your hair type to ensure that you have the best experience with every appointment. Be honest and kind when addressing issues so you can both work together to reach your #hairgoals.