Halloween Makeup: How to Use Youtubers To Get the Perfect Look

Time posted: October 16, 2020 | Posted by: Maura Jenkins

Want a Halloween makeup look that will truly transform this spooky holiday season? Follow in the steps of these Youtubers. The queens of expressing creativity with everything from eyeshadow to hair rhinestones have some incredible looks that will change your last day of October. These makeup-based-costumes will be the confidence boost you want this Halloween.
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October 31st is no regular day. Every year when Halloween rolls around it gives people a chance to try out a new persona, crush a look that might be overboard for a regular day, and just express their creativity. Costumes have always been the bread and butter when it comes to Halloween necessities. However, in recent years there is a new element to take your Halloween look to the next level; makeup.

Makeup is a catalyst for confidence. Whether you’re trying out a bold lip for date night, recreating the dewy natural glow that you saw on Pinterest, or going to Euphoria themed party (very on brand for 2020), makeup makes you feel a certain way. Halloween gives us the opportunity to not only break out our vibrant eyeshadow palates, but to have the smokey eye we create with it be socially acceptable for the night.

If you prefer special effects and spooky Halloween makeup looks, NikkieTutorials is the beauty guru for you. Nikkie is a YouTube personality who is notorious for transforming her bare face into something almost unrecognizable. Whether you want to be a spooky demon or rock some glamorous skull makeup, Nikkie has you covered with step-by-by step videos to get you the look you want.

On the other hand, if you prefer cutesier makeup, or just aren’t as confident with a brush in your hand, there are options for you as well. Youtuber Rebecca Capel specializes in makeup for every day, but has a few Halloween ideas posted to her page as well. From a doll to a cat, Rebecca has experience in creating various looks that are quick and easy for the viewer who wouldn’t classify themselves as a makeup artist.


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