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Our mission is to empower beauty service professionals to take control of their careers by providing innovative tools to market and grow their businesses. KLYP seamlessly cultivates lasting relationships between KLYPISTS and their clients.

Beauty service professionals across the country faced challenges that made them feel like their businesses couldn’t succeed. It was hard to find the right clients, manage a schedule, earn tips and find that perfect work-life balance. Clients felt like there was a lack of communication with their providers and did not feel valued.

After extensive research, consultations and surveys, we created their solution. KLYP lets beauty service professionals control their business by putting all the resources in one place. Clients can control their style by finding who works best with them and their best look. It was designed for everyone because better communication leads to you looking and feeling your best.

As entrepreneurs, beauty professionals voiced concerns about growing their businesses.

  • I spend way more time than I ever expected on administrative work.
  • There is no way to find new clients unless you are famous on Instagram.
  • I feel overworked and underpaid.

Before KLYP, clients would say:

    • I rarely have services done because I can’t find anyone that I would trust.
    • It’s impossible to coordinate a time that works for both of us.
    • I never know what to expect! There are reviews for salons, but none for individual providers.

Lack of communication is a serious problem in the beauty industry. Our solution revolutionizes the way we interact. Communication creates confidence. KLYP gives clients what they need to make an informed decision by providing individual reviews, seamless booking and prices with no surprise fees. Beauty professionals have more confidence in their business by setting their own schedule, building a personal brand and seeing client reviews so they know who they’re getting and what they are doing.

Control your style. Control your business with KLYP.

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